Happy Picnic

Frequently Asked Questions

There’s a lot of work (and love) that go into a picnic, from the detailed communication with our clients to decide their theme and location, to the setting of the picnic that involves 2 or more people working, depending on the size of the party. Let’s not forget about the menu coordination with our vendors and the full clean-up afterwards. It is a complete pop-up experience made only possible with hours of work.
No, but we can recommend you our favorite publics parks to set your picnic and we’ll pick the best spot on the day of you party.
Both! We have celebrated birthday parties for 1-year old kids, 70-year old people and everything in between. Our décor will adapt to the age of the guests, for example, using acrylic glasses for the kids instead of actual glass or a higher chair for those who need comfort.
Our clients usually enjoy their picnics during 3 hours at parks… and a bit more if they are at home.
We keep the picnic vibe with cold dishes and drinks to share, like salads, wraps, dips and cake for brunch, or maybe Italian nibbles for a sunset party. However, you are free to choose what you want, our clients have tried everything, from Lebanese cuisine to burgers.
Absolutely. Even though we don’t supply them, we understand people love them and you can decorate with them your picnic if you wish.
For the moment we only have low tables to keep the picnic style, they are set on top of waterproof rugs and you sit on cushions to keep the comfort to the max.
We check a few days before, and if the sun is not on your side, you can choose an indoor location, cancel the picnic without any fee or reschedule your date. We are flexible! If you’ve chosen a menu, you can keep the food or we’ll check with the restaurant if you can cancel the order.